Project Safe Pasadena

HVM’s violence prevention and intervention program for youth and young adults. The goal of this program is to break the cycle of violence within the individual, family, and the community!

Harvest Village Ministries’ programs for youth placed at risk typically occur after school hours on the campuses of Pasadena’s high schools. It’s a participatory workshop, one that requires students to engage and pay attention when working through activities that address topics ranging from preventing domestic violence to improving self-esteem. 

Led by Charles and Myhisha Myles, the classes for historically underserved youth operated by Harvest Village Ministries take place in high schools and at their office headquarters in Pasadena. They take the form of hour-long, interactive discussions where students role-play through problem-solving techniques for many of the issues they face in their lives, including domestic violence, gang activity, issues of self-esteem. 

“I marveled at the relevancy of this program,” says Mike Mahaney, a substitute teacher with the Pasadena Unified School District who sat in on one of Harvest Village Ministries’ workshops. “I began to realize his presentation was as valuable to those students as any course in history or English — as valuable to those students as anything else they could learn in high school.”

Each student in our P.S.P. program needs to be at their peak to absorb the lessons, so lunch is provided for attendees. Providing class materials and food for the students cost money, and financial donations would help offset these expenses and allow the project to expand to more locations. “We pay for lunch every day,” says Myhisha Myles, the Director of Operations at HVM. “We have snacks, we have juice and water. It creates a real warm feeling that lets them be loose and honest. These students become really engaged. There’s no ‘I’m hungry, my stomach is growling.’

Our Mission is vital to the youth and young adults of the communities in which we serve! Your financial support is paramount for us to support the number of people that we currently serve and continued growth. Your support funds the outreach, workshops, classes, trainers, counselors, and staff that allows us to be successful as an organization.  

Harvest Village Ministries Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, and all donations are tax-deductible. Please consider donating below to support our mission, ‘TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE LIVES!’ 

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