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About Harvest Village

Led by the Charles and Myhisha Myles, HVM is a community based ministry that serves the Pasadena, Altadena areas and their surrounding communities.  HVM has two primary programs: 1. Adult training and services program and 2. Project Safe Pasadena program.  Both programs have been recognized within the City and community as top notch service programs that serve the community and its members. The Food Delivery Service program ended in July 2021, but HVM still supports community members by getting them connected to food-banks in which they still can be served. 

The classes for youth placed at risk operated by Harvest Village Ministries take place in high schools and at their office headquarters in Pasadena. They take the form of hour-long, interactive discussions where students role-play through problem-solving techniques for many of the issues they face in their lives, including domestic violence, gang activity, issues of self-esteem. “I marveled at the relevancy of this program,” says Mike Mahaney, a substitute teacher with the Pasadena Unified School District who sat in on one of Harvest Village Ministries’ workshops. “I began to realize his presentation was as valuable to those students as any course in history or English — as valuable to those students as anything else they could learn in high school.”

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Together We Can Change Lives!

Harvest Village Ministries & Aspire Village

Harvest Village Ministries & Aspire Village work hand in hand to support and serve our community. Two sides of the same coin, Harvest Village ministries represents the religious non-profit sector of the organization while Aspire village serves the non-religious non-profit sector. Thank you for pledging your support to us and  just know that your generous donation is going directly to those who truly need it.